Silver Springs Shores Senior Activity Center

SCDC-INC provides a local spot where seniors can gather, socialize and learn new technology skills. We are located in the Silver Springs Shores community in Ocala, Florida in Marion County.

According to as of 2021, there are approximately 1,579 senior citizens living in the Silver Springs Shores community in Ocala Florida in Marion County. Many of these seniors have no family nearby.  Unlike The Villages community, social outlets for the elderly in this bedroom community are slim to none, especially since many of them do not have transportation and most or all their friends have died.

SCDC provides a local spot where seniors can gather, socialize and learn new technology skills.

Often seniors express their sadness about being disconnected from family, neighbors and society.  Family members purchase phones that they don’t know how to use.  At an age where they are losing eyesight, hearing, balance and independence, they also need to be empowered.

At SCDC we believe that seniors still have value.  We believe they are full of wisdom and treasure that should be preserved, not discarded. 

Every time we look into the face of an elderly person, we are reminded that if we are blessed to live long enough we, too, will get old.  Many seniors don’t have a retirement income that affords a lavish lifestyle in their later years, and some are barely surviving.  But, the thing we hear most from these precious seniors is that they are lonely, they feel forgotten and worthless.  Just bringing them together can contribute to their mental and physical health, well being, and improve their quality of life.

The SCDC Senior Activity Center includes:

  • Lounge (furniture)*
  • Board games*
  • Puzzles*
  • Miniature putting green (indoor/outdoor)*
  • Scrapbooking*
  • Art Classes*
  • Nintendo Wii console and games*
  • Group exercise
  • Walking club
  • Live music
  • Dance lessons
  • Life Story Videos
  • Book club
  • Garden club
  • Continued Education (computer, mobile phone, work from home training)
  • Field trips and excursions

Lounge is scheduled to open in February 2022 three days per week: T, W, Th from 10:30am – 1:30pm.
Transportation services are available by appointment.  

These programs are a community effort.  We humbly ask you to partner with us to demonstrate your love and compassion for people who have lived full lives working in professions, careers and occupations that communities all over the country are still benefiting from.


  1. In-kind donations of art supplies, furniture, and equipment related to any of these activities*
  2. Volunteer your talents and skills
  3. Cash donations
  4. Monthly financial commitment

We appreciate our partners and acknowledge them on our website, social media pages and at special events where their contributions have made a difference. 

SCDC-INC is a 501c3 non-profit, charitable organization.  All donations are tax-deductible.

If you are willing and able to contribute to this cause, please contact our office (352) 292-3523 or call Arletia Mayfield directly at (352) 644-1800.



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