Home School Support

The SCDC Homeschool Support Program is an extension of the SCDC After School Program and the SCDC Summer Youth Mentoring Program.  All three programs work together to offer families the help they need most. 

SCDC wants to help families of home school students that need supervision during the time parents are working.  Homeschoolers face unique challenges of learning new online education systems, concentrating amid distractions, and learning discipline and accountability where classwork and homework assignments are concerned.  Not to mention, not all families can afford a separate computer for their child’s exclusive use, especially if there is more than one child (of a different age group) being homeschooled or parent(s) needs the household computer for a work from home job.  And, let’s be real, everyone needs their space when they are trying to concentrate or work online.   

SCDC offers Home School Support for parents and children to eliminate some of the anxiety families might be experiencing.  Home school support is for children with established home school curriculum in place.  Ages 8-17.


  • Skilled and committed tutors/teachers that assist children with difficult assignments and teach them problem-solving techniques.
  • Breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack to help children concentrate and focus.
  • Encouragement and positive feedback to inspire your child to success.
  • A computer lab to complete homework, follow assigned curriculum and learn new skills.
  • Assistance navigating online learning.
  • An environment conducive to learning.
  • Accountability in the form of progress reports.
  • Afforability based on a sliding scale model.
  • Mentorship in a faith-based environment.

The Home School Support Program is an extension of the After School Program and the Summer Youth Mentoring Program.  All three programs work together to offer families the help they need most.

Homeschool support is offered throughout the year as part of After-School Program and/or Summer Youth Mentoring Program.



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