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Silver Springs Shores has a new place to go and grow

OCALA, FLORIDA, July 1, 2021 — We are excited to announce the formation of Shores Community Development Center, Inc., a multi-purpose facility where members of our community meet, learn and have a vibrant, active, and safe space to go and grow together. Plans for this facility include a youth mentoring program, after school tutoring, home-school support and senior activities and services.

SCDC, Inc. provides programs that empower our community.  We are committed to strengthening families and contributing to the healthy development of young people as well as the needs of our precious senior citizens. Therefore, we actively and consistently engage and assist all members of the family through our services and programs.

Community Outreach includes:

  • Free Community Activities (for families and seniors)
  • Free Food Pantry (for Marion County residents)
  • Referral Services (medical, bill, transportation assistance and more) 

Educational Programs include:

  • Workshops/Classes (professionals teaching topics of interest to youth and adults)
  • Activities (special events, activities for youth and seniors)
  • Tutoring (after-school, home-school support and assistance)
  • Computer Training (technology classes for youth and seniors)
  • Youth Mentoring (character building, career training, job referral and more)
  • First Responder Training (in partnership with AMA Foundation)

About SCDC, Inc.

SCDC, Inc. is a 501(C)(3) Nonprofit Corporation organized under the nonprofit public benefit corporation law for charitable and educational purposes. We are located In the Silver Springs Shores Community of Ocala, Florida in Marion County.

SCDC, Inc. values parents and guardians as the foundation of a successful and productive community. The healthy growth and development of children within a stable family structure is a proven asset to any community.  The parents and guardians of the Silver Springs Shores community are culturally and economically diverse.  Our programs are designed to meet the specific needs of these diverse families, including bi-lingual (Spanish) services.




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